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ECD Vortex hybrid mesh is designed for the modern game. Featuring two distinct
diamond structures, Vortex creates a SweetSpot in the pocket, giving you an
unparalleled level of control and feel.


HybridWeave: Our all-new patent pending HybridWeave seamlessly and
strategically incorporates two distinct diamond shapes into one dynamic mesh.

SweetSpot: Vortex’s unique diamond pattern creates a SweetSpot in your pocket that provides a natural release point and an unmatched level of feel and control.

Lightweight: LTH Fibers are extremely lightweight and durable. This translates to
increased feel and faster shots, without compromising strength.

Weatherproof: Our LTH Fibers are fully weatherproof. They will not expand or
contract in blistering heat, freezing cold, rain, or snow.


For over 20 years, lacrosse mesh has remained virtually the same. Meanwhile, the game has been rapidly evolving. There have been changes to heads, stringing techniques, materials, rules, and everything in between. It’s time for a change.
As players, we are always looking for more hold, more velocity, and more accuracy. This inspired us to use two different diamond structures in specific areas of the mesh to optimize performance. We were told time and again our idea for HybridWeave was impossible. We saw this not as a dead end, but as a challenge. Over the course of more than three years, we built custom equipment, tested prototypes, and made the impossible, possible.
Our all-new Vortex hybrid mesh delivers the most dynamic pocket in lacrosse. The strategic placement of the diamond structures creates a SweetSpot in the pocket that hugs the ball during your quickest moves. The smooth transition between them creates a natural release point for explosive power and accuracy.

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