Diadora Brasil GR LT+ MPH

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Drawing inspiration from an iconic product in diadora’s calcio history, the Brasil Gr Lt+ MPH is a gender-neutral calcio shoe that captures the winning elements of its classic silhouette.

Key Features:

  • Differentiated and interchangeable studs
  • Screw Ins
  • Designed for soft and natural terrains
  • Wide range of sizes to accommodate every need

The upper is crafted from premium soft leather using chrome-free tanning and treated with a water-resistant finish, ensuring top performance even in wet conditions. The inner lining is made of anti-stretch fabric, while the insole incorporates flex points in the forefoot area, providing an added sense of comfort and dynamism.

The sole features differentiated hardness polyurethane with 6 interchangeable aluminum studs and 5 fixed TPU studs. This combination offers optimal grip on the field, making it the ideal gear to conquer challenging natural grounds with wet and muddy surfaces that demand enhanced traction. In this regard, it excels during colder and wetter seasons, delivering exceptional penetration and stability regardless of the terrain conditions.

The Brasil Gr Lt+ MPH embodies the rich calcio tradition of diadora, continuously evolving by combining craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

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