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As collegiate lacrosse players Sartorius owners wanted to give back to their sport in two ways: first, volunteer their time to coach the youth learning the game, and secondly, offer the best selection of lacrosse gear in the Farmington Valley. Since our founding in 1986 that is exactly what we have been doing . The owners have either coached, founded or advised in the creation of youth programs in Granby, Simsbury, Avon, Farmington, Burlington, Canton, Newington, Tolland and Wethersfield. As a one stop shop we have what you or your team needs to start the lacrosse season whether its uniforms, pinnies, swag or equipment. Prices for lacrosse equipment is the same through out the country,so go where the expertise is, and support the local shop that is Sartorius. Proud suppliers of STX, Maverik, Cascade, StringKing, ECD,
Epoch, Under Armour, Warrior, and Brine lacrosse gear, and with more knowledge and
experience than anyone else.[/trx_title]

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